Vector Editor-7
Category:Android::Graphic Apps::Editors
Description:Application to create vector documents and export them to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) or PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format. SVG file may be used for a web page, import to a vector editor on personal computer, Android programming (vector drawable, icon, etc.) and other. The editor has simple interface for any age and skill. So you may use it just for fun or as professional tool. Features: * Create a curve by Bézier curves (quadratic and cubic) and lines. Edit curve style: color of stroke and fill, stroke width. Set on/off to draw stroke or fill; * Layers: add, edit, move, clone, delete; * Edit points of a curve: add, move, set on/off curve, delete; * Edit a curve: flip horizontal, flip vertical, scale, rotate by 90 degrees; * Draw a rectangle; * Change document scale, move document window; * Export to vector SVG or bitmap PNG format with custom ratio; * New, load and save a document; * Landscape and portrait screen mode; * Inbuild user manual with images of all buttons.
License type:Freeware
Size:1.2 Mb
Download link:Click here


Hint: click on label or text box, call context menu on text box and select item 'Copy'.

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