Category:Android::Games & Entertainment::Puzzle & Word Games
Description:If you want real hard puzzle game then this is for you. So, try to solve at least one puzzle. The goal of the game is to fill a shape by 12 original pieces. You can rotate and flip them. All pieces contain 5 squares. There are 500 shapes to play devided by 7 categores. Tap on piece to call context menu to flip or rotate. To move a piece use "drag and drop" method. You can move a piece to any point or to shape. Options: * Graphic skins. There are 7 types to changes appereance of the game shape and pieces. * Music and sound on/off. * Use border for game shape. Turn it off to increase game shape.
License type:Freeware
Size:5.2 Mb
Download link:Click here


Hint: click on label or text box, call context menu on text box and select item 'Copy'.

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