Checkers 7
Category:Android::Games & Entertainment::Board
Description:Play 15 popular checkers variants with a human or a computer: American, Russian, Brazilian, International, Canadian, Pool, Czech, Crowded, Sparse, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Thai and Argentinean. Features: * Play with human or computer; * Fifteen original graphic skins; * Album or portrait orientation; * Move pieces by "drag and drop" or "click by click" method. * Detailed instruction of rules for each kind of checker variant; * Select level of difficulty for Computer and side; * Undo moves; * Sound FX; * Rotate board by 90 degrees; * Auto turn the board for two players (pass Android device to the other player), or else use as virtual board.
License type:Freeware
Size:5 Mb
Download link:Click here


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